Emmy Rossum and Marla Malcolm Beck
Emmy Rossum and Marla Malcolm Beck

Went to W hotel, Washington D.C. grand opening. This historic site used to be the Hotel Washington and is famous for the scene in No Way Out when Gene Hackman had lunch overlooking the Washington monument. What a blowout party! Women dressed as glamorous George Washington-esque dancers with powdered wigs. Glorious seared tuna by Jean Georges. And Emmy Rossum (think Phantom of the Opera). She made the trip down from New York to check out the hotel and is so sweet.

P.S. A few days before, my skin was a mess. All it took was the Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask and a little Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, and it was fixed. Now, I am no Emmy Rossum, but my skin doesn't look like the mess it was a couple of days ago!


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