Bronze Away the Winter Blues | bluemercury

Bronze Away the Winter Blues

There is nothing like a good bronzer for when your skin looks pasty and white in the middle of winter! I love just popping a bronzer on my cheekbones for extra contouring and a hint of sunkissed skin. Sometimes I lay a pink or coral blush right over my bronzer to add a touch of warmth. I adore Bobbi Brown’s Havana Nights Peach Illuminating Cheek Palette, coming out for Valentine’s Day. You can swipe your brush across all 3 colors and have the perfect glow. NARS’ new Narsissist cheek palette in Unfiltered II has 6 heavenly new colors. And of course, there’s Sunrise Bronzer & Blush Duo and Moonrise Glow & Contouring Palette from Lune+Aster, which I created for my friends and me so we could bronze and go in minutes!