M-61 Skincare Hydraboost Line Reducer

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I come up with ideas for new products. The truth is, they come from you. From our clients, from our beauty experts, from everyone! Over the years I’ve learned that the answers are always right in front of you - you just have to listen.

Our newest launch, Hydraboost Line Reducer, started as a request from our Beauty Experts. About a year and a half ago, they asked for a neck cream that wasn’t sticky. So I started working on it. I decided to try a neck serum, instead of a cream, since I feel like serums penetrate more deeply and are less tacky. I then decided to experiment with the core ingredients from Hydraboost, which is our peptide-packed Vitamin B5 hydrating and firming family. I turbocharged the ingredients - adding new peptides, adding vitamin C, and a small “tip” of glycolic acid to accelerate penetration of the peptides. And then I started testing it on my neck. I loved it so much, I tested in on my forehead lines, my chin lines, and around my lip. We sent it to our beauty experts in the field to test and they loved it for both the face and neck. So then we decided it had to be a face and neck turbo serum. And that is how an idea turns into a product that we all love! 

P.S.  Just remember, ideas are everywhere - it’s taking action that makes an idea a reality! If you want to think about creativity and where ideas come from – two favorite books are Tina Seelig’s Ingenius and Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From. 

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  • I am doing, due diligence reading Blue Mercury posts from Mrs.Beck. If a neck serum performs this good, maybe, just maybe I will try. Just saying maybe. I shall continue learning first. Thanks Mrs.Beck, you are inspiring me.
    Angela on

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