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La Mer does it again! La Mer's original Crème de la Mer was revolutionary when it first launched. Max Huber was an astrophysicist who burned himself in his lab. He worked tirelessly to create a cream that healed his skin - and since he could heal burned skin, he could work miracles with unburned skin! Once I introduced my mom to the original La Mer cream, she was completely hooked. She said her skin was never as supple and plump as when she used this cream. In fact she would call me in a panic when she would run out!


Fast forward to today, there are now many ways to get your La Mer fix! The original Crème de la Mer cream, packed with a fermented seaweed miracle concoction called Miracle Broth, is super thick and perfect for winter time or sunburned skin - you have to warm it up in your fingertips first and then slather it on. A couple of years ago, the genius team came up with the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream - a little lighter cream, but still packed with goodies.  Is is super easy to apply and great for all around hydration, day or night.


And now, they created The Moisturizing Soft Lotion.  It is the perfect drink of water for the skin! I love it in the morning pre-primer and pre-makeup if I am feeling dry. And if your skin is fairly normal and you want hydration but don't need a cream, this is perfect for you! You also get a little more of an illuminating effect from this one. Now three dream creams to choose from!!!!


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  • I recently went to bluemercury to buy some more Oribe gold lust shampoo/conditioner (instead got the amazing kit!) and when I was there I was looking at La Mer because I’ve never actually bought anything from La Mer yet, just tried to make every last bit of a sample last as long as possible! The La Mer sales rep was there that day and was so sweet! But she gave me a sample of the foundation and I am IN LOVE! I am definitely going to go there tomorrow and get my face matched for a color because it is so amazing. I’d love to see a posting on the foundation (if there isn’t one yet that I missed) I’m only 25 but one day I’ll purchase my first jar of the creme!

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