Face Oils Revealed | bluemercury

The history of the face oil trend comes from the French spa lines, which have always used specific targeted oil blends to treat skin concerns. For example, Darphin's Niaouli Aromatic Care has been around for over 10 years and is used to treat oily and acneic skin with a blend of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender. The recent acceleration of the face oil trend comes from a few forces blending together:

1. Globalization of Skincare Knowledge. Due to social media and worldwide networks, global skincare products and trends can quickly become local. Facial oils started in France, moved to London and, in my opinion, because London is the current global financial hub of Europe (check the real estate prices in Belgravia), have moved rapidly to the US.

2. The "Clean Skincare" Trend. To make a skincare cream, you start with oils and treatment and then add fillers (waxes, waters and often silicone or dimethicone) to whip it up into a desirable luxurious cream. With a face oil, the ingredients lists are short and easily understood - no fillers. Those who adore green products from brands like M-61 & REN can be confident and comfortable that the ingredients are pure. The other night, my 10 year old daughter came to me with cracked, dry hands. I dug in the cabinets for a pure face oil and ended up rubbing her hands with Fresh Elixir Anciene. Many celebrities are using face oils because of their inclination towards "clean" diets.

3. A Need to Escape. Great estheticians will spend time during a facial massaging the skin with oil to stimulate the facial muscles and boost hydration. Applying additional facial oil at home gives clients a quick, 1 minute spa pick-me-up and a break from the daily grind!

 4. Simple Science. The top layer of the skin is held together by lipids, which form a protective barrier against the environment. As we age, this lipid barrier deteriorates. Essential fatty acids in face oils help maintain this barrier protecting skin from environmental damage while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

We are seeing a proliferation of amazing products at all price points targeting specific skincare concerns. From Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate to Darphin's 8 Flower Nectar to Fresh's Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil (coming soon!). If you're vegan, vegetarian, live an active lifestyle, or are interested in paraben- and synthetic-free products, this trend might be just the perfect fit for you!