Fall Cocktail | bluemercury

I am always looking for the perfect blend of products to get glowing, healthy skin. My concoctions change every couple months, when I decide they stop working, the weather changes, or I get bored.

I must say, I am in love with my latest nighttime cocktail. (I have morning ones too.) After I wash my face and make sure every bit of makeup and the day's grime is gone, I start with Phyto+ gel by Skinceuticals. This is a lightening, soothing gel with kojic acid. (I have an uneven, slightly freckled skin tone which seems to get worse as I get older). I wait about a minute, then put on Skinceuticals Vitamin C and E Ferulic (this, I call the glow serum, it is an unbelievable antioxidant).

The clincher, Darphin's brand new Aromatic Renewing Balm which smells like tangerine, and seems to lock in moisture, without being heavy.

I wake up in the morning and my skin looks unbelievably healthy, if I do say so myself. The greatest thing about this cocktail? No hangover.

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