Four La Mer Products I Can't Live Without | bluemercury

1. The Regenerating Serum ($260) -  A light hydrating serum which goes beautifully over my nightly vitamin c serum dose. I use this year round when I feel like I need an extra pre-bedtime boost of hydration and renewal.

2. The Eye Concentrate ($165) - Silky, satiny, smooth and hydrating. What else could you want? This is our new staff and client favorite. I have these fine dry lines around my eyes that disappear when I slather this on!

3. The Cleansing Fluid ($65) - I just pulled this out again. This is my go to heavy sunscreen remover. I will not go to the beach, biking, or to play tennis in this heat without a thick SPF 45 or 50 on my skin. My kids tease me - I put so much on my face sometimes looks white. I love this oil-based cleanser. It cuts through all the grease and grime and removes all of the titanium dioxide sunscreen residue.

4. The Body Creme ($220) -  This luscious tub of body cream sits on my counter waiting to treat my bare dry legs. Post shower, pre-night out, I love how my legs and arms look satiny and smooth.