Get Jennifer Lawrence���s Hunger Games Look | bluemercury

I saw the Hunger Games with my husband last weekend and I must admit, I couldn’t stop thinking about the makeup (of course!). The makeup in every scene was spectacular, especially Katniss Everdeen’s. Hunger Games makeup artist Ve Neill was a genius at making her look strong, noble and virtuous. One of my favorites was the scene where she was first presented to the Capital audience. The strong eye, blissfully peach cheeks and lavender lip were unbelievable. Emma, our fabulous district manager and makeup artist extraordinaire, has shown me how to get this look. Bobbi Brown’s Fresh Melon Pot Rouge is the perfect sweet, innocent coral cheek. This is my new spring cheek!

For the lip, we love Bobbi Brown’s Cocoa Lip Liner 
with Lilac Pearl Brightening Lip Gloss.

This makeup scene is up there with the greats—Meg Ryan’s berry lips in “Proof of Life” and Melanie Laurent’s red lips in “Inglorious Basterds.” Only I would see a movie and obsess about the makeup!