Grimy Skin and Taking a Break

Posted by Marla Malcolm Beck on

I took the train home from New York City to Washington DC last night. This was after a full day of meetings in New York City and no time to freshen up. My skin felt so grimy and dirty. I rustled through my cabinets and found the perfect fix.

After washing my face with a cleanser with light hydroxy acids, I took Caudalie Cleansing Water, put it on a cotton ball and swabbed my entire face to get the rest of the dirt and makeup off. It is soothing and oil-free - my skin felt clean after, but I wanted more.

I then used an Oxygen mask by Bliss for about 2 minutes. It foams up (almost like a shaving cream), deep cleans, and gets any bacteria off the skin. My skin felt refreshed and clean after.

Then I felt like a needed something balmy and moisturizing, but I did not want any intense treatment (no salicylic, glycolic, strong A, etc.) AT ALL. I pulled out Fresh's Mamaku Serum which smells like apricot and has a beautiful luxurious, balmy feel. It’s not a moisturizer, not a liquid serum, but something in between.

This morning my skin felt like I had had a mini-facial. I felt so good, I decided to slather on more Mamaku serum, a little eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick and go to work with a fresh face. Sometimes your skin just needs a break. So do you!

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