Marla and Barry Beck Anniversary

I can’t believe Bluemercury is 17 years old! Barry and I have been reminiscing about some of our history. We remember doing spa laundry in the basement of our first location in Georgetown because the spa was so busy and we didn’t have enough towels! We remember putting our 5, 3, and 1 year old in our SUV and driving from DC to Philadelphia to New Jersey touring stores. We remember our beauty experts and team members that have been with us so long  - Kathy D. (15 years), Sandy R. (12 years), Rex R. (7 years), Kate F.  (8 years) and Sondra T. (13 years). We have a great Bluemercury family and we are so proud of what we have all accomplished together. 

Bluemercury Family

And I LOVE our clients. You inspire me to seek out the best beauty products in the world. Happy Birthday, Bluemercury! More to come!

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  • Wow. Sept 8,2000 is my wedding anniversary.
    I discovered your store/spa in Atlantic City. My daughter who’s only 12 was curious of your makeup products. The kids in school are already talkyabout makeup. She’s breaking out with acne but doesn’t have a face routine, she’s only 12 with no regard to taking care of her face. I bought the cleanser and pad for her to use. Hope it’s something she likes and will start using. I didn’t realize we could get samples of your products. Thank you for having a grest website with easy yo follow instructions.

    Yvette Grau on

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