My husband looked at my skin the other day and said your skin is so white, usually it gets so freckly during the summer. I gave him a big kiss – not only because he noticed my skin, but also, I was so excited! My routine this summer is simple.

On beach days, I wake up and put on Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 ($30/$64). It has a little bit of a tint which evens out my skin tone. I use this in the morning while I run errands – bike to the local coffee place and the farmers market, run the kids to the park, etc.

Pre-beach I use Skinceuticals SPF 45 in a tube ($37). For some reason, this is the best sunscreen I have ever used to prevent sunburn on the face.

At night, I keep M-61 Perfect Cleanse ($26) in the shower to scrub off all of the beach sunscreen and sand.

Then I use M-61 Vitablast C ($92). There is something about the Vitamin C, the Vitamin E, and the gallic acid (an antioxidant acid found in blueberries and flaxseeds) that is keeping the freckling off my skin. It looks so white and clear this summer!

When I was a kid, I used to strive for the baby oil face tan. Oh how priorities change...