I popped into Bluemercury at Wildwood in Bethesda last weekend. One of my friends happened to be there and had just purchased two of Bobbi Brown's Rich Lip Color SPF 12. She picked up one in Crimson - a deep reddish brown - and another in Rose Blossom - a vibrant, bright rose. She is a brunette with skin that looks gorgeous golden-brown and tanned yearround, so of course, these colors were absolutely striking on her.

I, urgently, had to try these. Since I am on a nude kick, I picked up Bare Pink - a matte, hydrating, very light pinky/brown. I wore it all day - through my son's 4th birthday party - and did not have to reapply for 4 hours. This certainly is the most lasting, hydrating lipstick I own. I love this lipstick!


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