M-61 Serum Pads Have Arrived | bluemercury

M-61 Serum Pads

I am excited to announce that our M-61 Serum Pads are now in stores and online!

Since launching the PowerGlow®Peel, I have wanted to create a skincare routine using a pad format. I have seen that our clients are addicted to serums and are more on-the-go than ever before! I have spent the last four years perfecting the serum formulas with a revolutionary pad delivery system for travel, convenience, and most important – purity!

 The result is a new skincare category – Serum Pads – that delivery more pure, active ingredients in a single swipe!

 The pads come in two formats – The Hydraboost HA Serum Pad and The Vitablast C Serum Pad! 

The M-61 Hydraboost Serum Pad provide 48 HOURS of hydration from one pad, as determined in a clinical study! I packed the Hydraboost HA serum pad with three types of hyaluronic acid, a quadruple peptide complex, vitamins B5 & E and centella asiatica to provide lasting hydration and firming benefits.

The  Vitablast C Serum Pad has 15% stabilized vitamin C! I then added vitamin E and gallic acid to further increase the radiance-boosting benefits.

The Stabilized Vitamin C provides maximum benefits – such as reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines, promoting a more even tone and boosting naturally occurring collagen synthesis!


Together with the M-61 PowerGlow Peel, Hydraboost HA Serum and Vitablast C Serum Pads create the perfect trio for achieving a radiant glow in three easy steps.