My Relationship with Lip Gloss

Posted by Marla Malcolm Beck on

I have a strange relationship with lip gloss. I have tons, I am not loyal, and I am constantly losing and finding them. So if you ask me what I would give a girl friend (or myself) for the holidays – the answer is so easy: one of the cute limited edition lip gloss sets that come out only this time of year and then disappear. They are perfect. You get variety, quantity, and quality. It’s a great way to try out new colors that you wouldn’t normally try. And they tuck right into a festive, but tiny evening clutch. Some of my favorites for this season are:
Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Set
NARS D. Lovely Lip Gloss Coffret
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio

I, of course, cannot choose and will be owning all three. Which is for you?


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