My Travel Must-Haves | bluemercury

I am traveling almost the entire month of February. Tonight, I organized all of my cosmetics so I could pack efficiently and zip in and out of the airport without checking my bags. I thought I would list out 10 things I can't live without and will be traveling with:

1. Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum. Hydrating treatment I am currently using every morning under primer.
2. Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer. A must use every day before foundation.

3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji and/or Bobbi Brown Skin SPF 15 Foundation. NARS has fuller coverage than Bobbi, but love both. During the dead of winter I am a little more addicted to NARS.

4. Penny Lane Cream Blush by NARS. Almost had a panic attack when I couldn't find it tonight.
5. Bobbi Brown Bone Eye Shadow. The perfect all over lid color.

6. Trish High Volume Mascara. My all-time favorite.
7. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. They just sent me two travel size ones. Generally, for face cleansers I alternate between whatever I have in travel size.

8. MD Skincare All-in-One Facial Cleanser with Toner. Use as a toner/slash peel. Stronger than a cleanser, lighter than a peel. Gets the day's travel off my skin.
9. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum. My one stop night treatment for an overnight trip. This really does it all for me. The best glow ever.

10. Sample moisturizers and eye creams. Sounds awful, but I generally only pack a moisturizer and eye cream for an emergency and when I do, it's only what I have in travel size. Right now, I am travel with a lab sample Bobbi Brown's new Brightening Moisturize Cream coming out this March or April. I love the texture and it is fine for day or night. If I go on a longer trip, I always pack a moisturizer and eye cream. Anything to not have to check a bag!

Currently also toting: "Caesar" by Colleen McCollough, WWD Dailies to catch up on, and debating whether I am ready for a kindle!