Every year we go to Palm Beach with the kids from Christmas Day to New Year. It is a time for us to relax with the kids, reflect on the year, and plan for the new year. I must confess, I had an entire carry on devoted to beauty products this trip. Notable items include:
  1. Skinceuticals SPF 45 tubes. This is the only sunscreen that prevents the kids and me from burning. Available in store or by phone at 800.355.6000
  2. Dermalogica Pure White SPF30. I am in love with this new sunscreen that is a pure titanium dioxide block that spreads easily and is not pasty at all.
  3. Trish Brush #11, Laura Mercier fine eyeliner brush and Trish High Volume Mascara. My beach look – eyeliner, mascara, and sunscreen and that is it!
  4. Fresh Lotus Eye Gel. Cooling and hydrating – the best post beach eye cream.
  5. Darphin Serums. I can’t live without this light, dewy Hydrating Serum or the Soothing Intral Serum.
  6. Nars Multiples. In Antibes and Maldives – adds the sunkissed glow prior to going out.
  7. A ton of makeup. Palm Beach is the scene and I had the time to play and create a different look every night. Focus was on lipgloss. I love Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Pink, Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Violet and Blush, and Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss in Shimmery Pink.


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