None of my typical makeup was really "working" for me in Palm Beach. My brown eyeshadows for fall were too dull. My pink matte blushes (think Nars Penny Lane) too flat. My lipsticks (Laura Mercier Rose or Bobbi Brown Tulle) too wrong. So I had to dig into my bag (I brought 5, gallon-size ziploc bags of makeup and skincare) and reset my makeup. I went back to a shadow I started wearing 8 years ago - Trish McEvoy Cashmere (although discontinued Trish Matte Eye Shadow in Heather and Glaze Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz are good equivalents). Bobbi Brown Bone Eyeshadow all over my lid, Trish McEvoy Cashmere in my crease, and a deep purple eyeliner (Trish McEvoy Arabian Nights) became my old but new Palm Beach look. For blush - I used NARS South Beach Multiple (South Beach, Palm Beach it is all Florida). Lips - Laura Mercier Blush Lip Glace - another color I have worn for years and years. The purple hue on the eyes worked much better then my typical brown eyeshadows and blue eyeliners. Voila - oldies but goodies. Everyone has them!


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