Power Cleanse and the power of sunscreen! | Guest Blog from Sandy Roth | bluemercury

As far back as I can remember, I was always the last one in the ocean. My parents wanted to just get that extra ounce of coppertone on my un-tanned, city skin. My hair was as light as my skin and I was quite prone to the easy burn when left to my own devices with said sunscreen.

I am so thankful for that extra push with the coppertone because after years of beach time and lifeguarding, I am not yet wrinkled and brown-spotted. Today's sunscreen is stronger and more water-resistant, and I always follow the directions and "apply liberally" while everyone else waits impatiently for me...

The only real issue I have with the new, improved, broad-spectrum protection sunscreens, is that they are very nearly quite impossible to remove at the end of the day (reapply, reapply, reapply!).

This summer, after trying every wash & soap I found in my friend's beach house to no avail, I took my M61 Power Cleanse to the outdoor shower (my fave! - the outdoor shower & the Power Cleanse).

The Power Cleanse, with its strong glycolic acid, completely melted off the heavy sunscreen! Amazing, my face felt totally clean! So...I tried it as a bodywash...BEST EVER!! Not a trace of the sunscreen remained!

So, if you are waiting impatiently for me to be finally sunscreened & ready for the beach, know this: I will be quick in the shower afterwards now due to my bonus find with the Power Cleanse!

– Sandy Rothman