Seven Sunscreens I Can't Live Without

Posted by Marla Malcolm Beck on

Skinceuticals SPF 45 ($37) - Thick and effective this is THE ONLY sunscreen I will wear to the beach, to play tennis, or to my kids’ soccer game. My kids know that they are required to wear this also. We do not burn when we slather this on. The texture is a little thick, but it works!

Hampton Sun Spray SPF 70 or SPF 55 ($32) - We are all a little lazy – so for legs – I let my kids use this sheer, non oily spray.

Trish McEvoy Spf 40 ($45) or Chanel SPF 50*  ($52) - My sheer, pre-makeup weekday sunscreens, I put this on and then apply primer and foundation. Tinted moisturizers go on beautifully without streak.
*At Select Bluemercury Stores

Skinceuticals Fusion SPF 50 ($64) - in Limited Edition Super Size 125 ml. Pre-beach, on the weekends, or in the morning if I am out running errands, I quickly apply this and run out the door. A hint of tint evens out skin tone.

Not to be missed: the NEW! Kiehl's Men’s Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+ ($34) - Sheer and with a hint of menthol – this is perfect for your significant other or husband. So easy to apply with a nice, light texture and manly scent!


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