Skin Emergency – A Cold and A Festering Pimple

Posted by Marla Malcolm Beck on

After picking up my 4th cold this year from one of my germ carrying school children, my skin was a wreck. This, combined with the comfort food required given the never-ending freezing spring we’re having (read: French fries) gave me a big, obvious pimple to the left of my lips on my lower cheek. This was so obvious, my 3 year old daughter said, “What is on your face?” I finally figured out the perfect solution. Two nights ago, I grabbed my Remede Intensive Double Serum - a dual chamber oxygen and vitamin c serum - and used the oxygen side (you can choose or use both together) and put this antibacterial dream serum on my pimple and the vitamin c side all over my face. The pimple was dried up over night and I felt as if I had just infused vitamins back into my sick-with-a-cold looking skin. The next night I used my MD Skincare 2 step peel pads (my go-to at home deep cleansing facial) and rubbed the vitamin c serum on again after. The next morning all was clear. I am way too old to be getting big, giant pimples.


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