Skin SOS - Sun Damage

Posted by Marla Malcolm Beck on

Definitely got too much sun this summer. Despite my slathering of sunscreen, I was examining my skin in the rearview mirror while I was in traffic and I noticed some new brown spots. Am trying decide what I am going to do to fix it. Have not decided yet. Here are the options I am thinking about:

1. Phyto + Serum by Skinceuticals. Has Kojic acid and other botanicals that lighten. Used it last fall a lot. Was good. I just put it under my C and E Ferulic.

2. Revive Peau. Yes, this is outrageously priced and I am very lucky that Revive sent me a sample. I have to hide it from my husband because he uses it under his eyes. This is like a face lift in a vial. Tightens and brightens. I do love this and have been saving my most recent stash for an emergency like this.

3. Darphin Stimulskin Plus Cream. Also pricey, but the A, C, and E combined retexturize and brighten. For a less expensive option – I do like Remede Alchemy Lotion – but I need extra hydration when I use this.

Not sure what I am going to start next week, but I definitely need to undo some of the damage.


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