Summer Lip Gloss Love | bluemercury

Lip glosses are my go-to easy outfit change and pick-me-up and that's why Lune+Aster, the easy-to-use, healthy and mainly vegan makeup line I created, has so many! They are all named after aspirational roles - partially to inspire my daughters and you - and partially because we all play different roles on different days. My two favorites are CEO and Entrepreneur, my best friends love Poet and Ph.D, and I always give Teacher to my kids' teachers!
Now we have added two more shades to the Vitamin C+E Lip Gloss collection. I created President - a completely wearable red - for this election year! One coat is nice and sheer, or you can layer on for added drama. I love to pair it with Laura Mercier's Defining Lip Pencil in True Red for a deep Parisian red lip. So easy!


And then of course there's Rockstar - inspired by summer festivals and concerts. Barry and I love taking time to see amazing musicians during the summertime. We just went to see John Mayer and the Grateful Dead, and John Mayer's guitar skills are at their peak right now! Rockstar is a sheer, glimmery gold that can be worn alone or over top of any lipstick color. I love summer and I love lip gloss!