Superbowl Beauty? | bluemercury

Ok. There's no question I am beauty obsessed. I was watching the play-off games on Sunday. Both were played in freezing cold weather. One of the sportscasters mentioned that the quarterbacks were playing with Vaseline on their faces to protect from windburn/chill. I responded with shock and horror. Vaseline!

Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning would have done much better wearing either Kiehl’s All-Sport "Non-Freeze" Face Protector SPF 30 or Darphin's Intral Balm. Many of our clients who are die-hard runners, and are willing to run in 20-degree weather, coat their faces in these balms pre-run. Great emollient and moisturizing balms - both feel unbelievable on the skin.

Considering the Superbowl is in Arizona, most likely, my advice will not be necessary… maybe next year. Instead, how about a great sunscreen? Skinceutical’s Sport UV Defense SPF 45 is perfect for protection while training in the Arizona sun. Looks like beauty products are even relevant in sports… In fact, they are always relevant!

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