The Drive by Eyeshadow Shop | bluemercury

The other day I was touring stores – stopping by one store every two hours – and my day ended with a stop off at our Marlton, New Jersey store. Bluemercury staffers Lynette and Melissa were so passionate and excited about the new makeup that had just come in, I couldn’t help but ask them for new summer eyeshadow ideas.

I have totally been in a rut. Stuck using my winter shadows, because I have no time to experiment and be creative. I just asked them for a quick recommendation, no trial. I just purchased and kept moving. Here is what I ended up with:

Melissa’s Recommendations

3 Bobbi Brown eyeshadows
1. Champagne (shimmery bone) for all over the lid
2. Heather (matte lavender) for the crease,
3. Eggplant (deep blue purple) for lining and/or a quick eye highlight.

I popped them into a Bobbi Brown 3 pan and now have a look to go. I must say, I wore this look over the weekend with a white dress and it was new, light and was great for an evening cocktail party.

Lynette’s Recommendations

3 Trish McEvoy Eyeshadows
1. Shell (light matte pink) for all over my lid
2. Golden Apricot (shimmery soft apricot) for the crease
3. Bronze (golden coppery brown) for lining

I popped these into my Trish McEvoy planner and am going to try them tomorrow for a meeting I have in Philadelphia.

I must say, our team is so talented. I felt like I went to a drive-in takeout eyeshadow place and my order was exactly perfect!