The High Risk Smokey Eye | bluemercury

Wolf Blitzer of the Situation Room on CNN

Bret Baier of Special Report on Fox News

Was getting ready for White House Correspondent's dinner parties when I decided I was going to experiment and innovate with a smokey eye. Usually I use a Laura Mercier's Coffee Ground, a deep matte brown, all over my lid and in the crease for the 2-minute smokey eye. But for some reason on Saturday night I was feeling extra daring. So I pulled out my brand new NARS 15x15 palette and used 4 colors for a smokey eye. This could have easily been a disaster, but I was LUCKY!. Used eyeshadow base, then Edie (shimmery bone) over entire lid, then used Underworld 1, a shimmery silver in crease and on lid, blended Underworld II, a deep midnight shimmer blue all over lid and in crease, with a heavy hand on the corners. Lined top and bottom of eyes with Night Breed, a black shimmery NARS classic, and voila - a midnight blue smokey eye. This could have completely backfired. But taking a risk at home in your bathroom with makeup is really not so risky when you think about it!

Capitol File after party was a blast - Wolf Blitzer, Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Kim Kardashian, etc. Washington meets Hollywood - par for the course these days!