The One Skincare Product | bluemercury

So I went to NY for a quick trip last night. The hot weather is making me lazy. I only brought one skincare product, if you can believe it - Skinceuticals C and E Ferulic.If I were on a desert island and someone said you can bring one product with you (Ok, hopefully the island has shade, because I am an SPF addict.) I would bring this product. It is my secret weapon for healthy, glowing skin. I notice when I do not use it.The Vitamin C builds collagen and gives skin a glow. The Vitamin E is hydrating.A quick dash of the liquid, easy serum at night, and that is all I do sometimes. Even works around eyes – although they do not recommend it. Pure glow – in one step. (If you’re wondering how I washed my face, I did it in the shower with a wash cloth. Not recommended, but as I said, I am getting lazy.)