The Science of Getting out the Door | bluemercury

My husband and I work together and when we travel, he is already rushing me out the door in the morning. The other morning, I set a record. Blow dried hair and full make-up in 20 minutes flat. The key: sticking to a regular routine and not trying anything new.

1. Wet hair in shower.(I always wash hair night before.)
2. Spray Phytovolume Mist and comb through.
3. Wrap hair in towel and start makeup.
4. Put Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer all over face with fingers. Gives it time to absorb in while I start with eyes.
4. Used Trish concealer in ivory on lid to hold on eyeshadow. Put on with finger.
5. Used Nars Edie, a slightly shimmery bone eye shadow all over lid and up to brow bone. Put on Trish McEvoy brush #48.
6. Used Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Wash eye shadow (from old Chocolate palette - Bobbi palettes are the best) in crease with Nars brush small dome brush.
7. Lined eyes with Trish Eye Definer in Arabian Nights deep navy blue (any dark shadow works). I dip my Laura Mercier fine point eyeliner brush into water and then dip into shadow and then line eyes. Lasts all day and gives the tightest line.
8. Applied Trish McEvoy lash curling mascara.
9. Dried hair
10. Applied MD Skincare Tint in SPF 15 with fingers.
11. Dotted NARS multiples Malaysia and Orgasm on apple of cheek. Layered and spread with fingers.
12. Lined lips with Nars Tonga, almost nude. I always apply lipstick after I drink my morning coffee. Why waste time before. Done and ready!