Uber Chic NARS | bluemercury

Went to the uber-chic NARS 15 year anniversary celebration. As we have carried NARS at bluemercury for 10 years, I was touched to be included. It was probably the chicest event I had ever been to. Francois Nars, an amazing photographer, styled and photographed 15 unique individuals into a special edition book for the anniversary. All of the photographs were exhibited at the event. Each portrait was inspired by an iconic image, person, or emotion, and a classic Nars product. For example, for Amber’s portrait, Nars looked to Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour and treated her lips with his popular sheer beige lipstick. Also included were Daphne Guinness, Isabella Rosselina, Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campbell. The party was over the top – which is what you would expect from a brand that values individuality and creativity. Marc Jacobs wore a skirt, Daphne Guinness looked spectacular, and Francois was himself. I think I was the only non-model, non-celebrity, awed mother of 3 there!

Francois Nars, Daphne Guinness, Marc Jacobs and Marla Malcolm Beck

Marla Malcolm Beck with Russell Simmons and Francois Nars

Marla Malcolm Beck with Daphne Guinness