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Palm Beach Packing List _ MBB

We ran down to Palm Beach for Thanksgiving weekend and I had to shift gears from the finally cold fall and figure out what to pack for warm weather, plus some tennis and pool time! Here's what I packed: 

1. Morning sunblock. I love this ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen for morning strolls and outdoor breakfasts. Super hydrating and firming, it is an absolute favorite. (Also good for football and soccer sidelines!)

2. Daytime eyeliner. Those of you that know me, know that I won't leave the house without eyeliner. Poolside is no exception. I created this Lune+Aster Eyeliner Palette just for me. Navy blue and applied with my Eyeliner Point Brush dipped in water will be my daily go-to.  

3. Afternoon tennis sun protection. It's SkinCeuticals and Hampton Sun for me.   SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 is packed with micronized titanium dioxide which is a full block - I rarely burn with this on. I also love Hampton Sun Luxe Sport SPF 55 Continuous Mist for arms and legs. I brought 3 sets for the entire family. 

4. Shadow sticks for evening drama. We go out every night in Palm Beach. It is just that kind of town. I brought my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Holiday Kit for quick and easy smokey eye drama.  

5. Bronzer kits for bronzed cheekbones. I love dramatic cheekbones and designed Moonrise Glow & Contour Bronzing Palette and Sunrise Bronze & Blush Duo for this purpose! 

6. Reading materials. I have always been a Cal Newport addict. He logically and rationally gives you tools and rules to build a better life. I just finished Deep Work, in which he argues that the ability to perform deep work, amidst all the technological distractions, is increasingly rare and increasingly valuable. (He then, of course, guides you in how to do it!) 

I am now reading So Good They Can't Ignore You. I would recommend this book to anyone in their twenties and thirties trying to figure out how to build a satisfying career. He argues you need to be good at something and build career capital before you can expect a good job. 

Sun, drama, reading, and time with my family! What could be better?