When All Else Fails | bluemercury

I went skiing with our family out to Colorado last week for spring break. We spent all day for five days on the mountain - through 60 degree sun and blizzards. Needless to say, I completely destroyed my skin. Between too much sun reflecting off the snow and 60 mph windburn, I came home with red, peeling, wrinkled skin. There was only one solution - Darphin Aromatic Care Oils. They were made for this sort of damage. I had prepared and brought Darphin Orange Blossom Aromatic Care with me and used it every night. But when I got home, the soothing, healing Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care oil fixed my skin in two days. The difference is that oils are just pure moisture and protection. Creams and any sort of treatment would leave a burning sensation. A couple times a year, when I feel like nothing will help the aging, crepy, damaged look of my skin - I transition to the Darphin oils. I even got my husband using them - and he didn't even wear sunscreen on the mountain (I know, unimaginable). So when all else fails, apply oil.