Ingredient Spotlight Hydrate

The fall and winter months bring with them our favorite holidays and the chance to finally wear our cozy sweaters. It's the arrival of dry skin that's the unwelcome addition to life this time of year. Between the cold temperatures and the drying effects of the central heating in our offices and homes, our skin needs a major hit of hydration. You can beat dry skin this winter with our top three hydrating ingredients for fall and winter.



Ingredient #1: Marine Extracts

It should come as no surprise that what grows in water helps with hydration. Sea-sourced ingredients like seaweed and red algae offer hydration as well as healing regenerative properties. They're also highly concentrated with antioxidants that further aid in skin renewal and prevention against additional damage. Here are our favorites from the sea:

RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream SPF 15M-61 JetGlow CreamLa Mer Genaissance The Infused Lotion



Ingredient #2: Hyaluronic Acid

A powerful humectant, hyaluronic acid molecules attract and retain water on an impressive scale. One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water. Now just imagine what that can do for dry skin! Just remember, hyaluronic acid draws the water in your body to hydrate your skin, so be sure to pair it with a normal daily intake of H2O. Here are our hyaluronic acid favorites:

Osea Hyaluronic Sea SerumM-61 Hydraboost CreamTrish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum



Ingredient #3: Essential Oils

Known for boosting hydration and soothing irritated skin, essential oils can be found in every step of your winter routine if you're aware of what to look for. Options like avocado, coconut and various floral essences can act as emollients that make for supple skin. Here are three ways to get your essential oil fix:

Darphin Stimulskin Multi Corrective Divine SerumaskKiehl’s Since 1851 Creamy Eye Treatment with AvocadoOne Love Organics Skin Savior Wonder Balm