Beauty Debunked
Detangle the most common beauty myths

The beauty industry is continually evolving so it's easy to understand why some old beauty rules are now beauty myths. We’ve called upon our beauty experts to bring you the truth behind these new-age legends.

MYTH: Facial oils cause breakouts and clog pores.

FACT: Facial oils help balance moisture levels and work well with any skin type, including dry, sensitive, oily or combination.

Expert Tip: When your skin is dry, it produces excess oil which can cause breakouts. Dab a few drops of oil on your entire face to keep your moisture levels balanced.

MYTH: Your brow color should match your hair color.

FACT: If you have light hair, try going a little darker with your brow color, and opt for a slightly lighter shade if you have dark hair. Both of these combinations will help your eye color pop!

Expert Tip: If you dye your hair, leave your brows out. Simply use a pencil or gel to fill them in for a more natural look.

MYTH: You won't see results from products made with natural ingredients.

FACT: Scientists have found new ways to make natural ingredients more concentrated and powerful in natural beauty products. The main components of these products are formulated from herbs, roots, flowers, essential oils and other naturally-sourced plant components.

Expert Tip: Natural beauty products are a great option for anyone with sensitive skin that reacts poorly to added fillers and fragrances.

MYTH: The only way to get rid of under-eye circles is to get more sleep.

FACT: Although sleep can help lessen the appearance of dark circles, help from eye-specific products are essential to brighten, lift and plump this delicate area, giving you the extra boost you need to look youthful and refreshed.

Expert Tip: Try storing your eye cream in the fridge overnight for an extra cooling and soothing effect.

MYTH: You only need sunscreen in the summer.

FACT: Year-round sunscreen is a must to protect from sun damage. For full protection, apply SPF in the morning before you head out and keep an SPF product in your bag to reapply throughout the day.

Expert Tip: Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher, is water resistant, and provides broad-spectrum coverage, which means it protects you from UVA and UVB rays.