Genius Beauty Hacks Our Beauty Experts Can't Live Without!

Our Beauty Experts reveal their best tips and tricks to boost your beauty game by getting the most out of your makeup and skincare products while making your life a little easier!

To fix your polish
To correct your coat before it's too late, remove still-wet nail polish by layering on a coat of clear polish and all color will wipe away easily without needing nail polish remover.
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To get a glow
For an effortless, all-over glow, add a dab of your favorite liquid illuminator to your face moisturizer, mix and apply!
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To smooth wrinkles
To help smooth deeper lines and wrinkles, apply your eye cream with retinol directly to the forehead and laugh lines to help smooth and soften.
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To keep mascara fresh
To prolong the life of your mascara gently twist the wand a few times then apply instead of pumping the wand into the tube repeatedly to gather more product, which can trap germs and dry out the formula.
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Use lipstick as blush
In a pinch, use your lipstick as a cream blush. Make sure to apply to already treated skin — whether it’s freshly applied primer, moisturizer, or foundation, the pigment will glide on evenly instead of sticking to dry skin.
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For even eye shadow
Your concealer can also be used as an eye shadow base to neutralize and even out the natural color variances of the eyelids.
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For subtle eye pop
For just a hint of eye color dab an eye shadow brush against a powder blush and apply gently to your eyelids. If you want to go bold with a pop of color, use your fingertips to smooth over a cream blush.
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For brow matching
If you have red hair or another difficult brow color to match try using a lip liner or eyeliner for a closer color match.
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For smooth coverage
Before you use your beautyblender to apply makeup, moisten with water and then dry a bit before using. This will help your product go on smoothly and evenly for flawless coverage.
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To blur makeup lines
To evenly blend your face makeup into your neck, make sure to choose the right color to avoid seeing an obvious difference between skin tones. If you have a rosy tone, a light dusting of a pink bronzer, not a blush, will blend the colors seamlessly.
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To cover a bruise,
use opposite colors to neutralize the skin. Orange lipstick or shadow base neutralizes blue tones and red or pink shades neutralize green tones. Cover with a matte concealer and finish by setting with invisible powder.
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