Eye Makeup by Eye Color | bluemercury

With so many beautiful colors of eye makeup to choose from, it can be hard to pick the ones that best suit your natural eye color. We've rounded up the best eyeshadow and eyeliner shades to play up the natural beauty of each unique eye color. Have a look and find the best picks for your peepers!

Brown Eyes

To bring out the boldness of your browns, try bronze tones with a touch of shimmer. Finish with a dark liner to define and draw attention to your sultry look. If you're feeling adventurous, lighten up brown eyes with a green-hued shadow.

Blue Eyes

Pairing shimmery warm tones with your baby blues is the perfect recipe for beautiful eyes. Try using hues with orange, copper and champagne tones to make your eyes sparkle. Dark eyeliner can look harsh on blue eyed beauties with lighter skin tones, opt for a champagne liner for a similarly sultry look.

Hazel Eyes

With hues of brown, gold and green, hazel eyes often shift in dominant color. To highlight your favorite hue, choose from earthy reds, browns and bronze colors. To finish your look, go a bit darker with your eyeliner to help the green or gold highlights in your eyes shine through.

Grey Eyes

Stormy silver-toned eyes are as beautiful as they are rare. Enhance your gorgeous greys with colors that compliment like blues, steel greys and other metallic shades.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are the rarest color found around the world. Pair your unique color with pink and violet hues to best compliment your emerald eyes. Skip the dark eye liner and finish with a grey for a smoother finish.