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Find the Right Bronzer for You!

Finding the right bronzer can be tricky. But, the benefits of getting it right are huge! Bronzers can create radiant, healthier looking skin and a more defined face shape. They work to enhance your natural facial structure while adding a gorgeous bronzed goddess glow. It's crucial to find the right bronzer for your skin tone. The best one is usually two shades darker than your natural skin tone, or the color of your skin when you have a soft tan. But, shade isn't your only decision. What type of bronzer is right for me? Matte or Shimmer? We've got you covered!

Matte Bronzers

Matte Bronzers warm up the skin and subtly sculpt the face. They work best for those with medium and olive skin tones. This type of bronzer enhances the natural warmness of darker skin tones without overpowering the complexion, creating a smooth even skin tone.  

Matte Bronzers - Best for All-over Coverage

Shimmery Bronzers

Shimmer bronzers are great for that just came back from a beach vacation sun-kissed look. They contain light-reflecting particles that create a bronzing and illuminating effect, highlighting your skin for a natural summer glow. Shimmer bronzers are best for those with fair and light skin tones. Just make sure you don't go overboard with the application. All you need is a little on the cheekbones and temples. 

Shimmer Bronzers - Find the perfect Bronzer for Sun Goddess Look

expert tip: brush it on

Bronzer Brush for Apply Bronzer

A bronzer brush gives the smoothest, most even application. Make sure to lightly coat your brush and tap the excess bronzer off onto the lid of your container. For best application, apply in light, even coats instead of applying a single dark layer all at once. Make sure to only apply bronzer to the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit. One of our favorites is Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Brush.