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NATURAL SKINCARE - Powerful Ingredients

There are so many things to love about natural skincare. From improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment, natural skincare is an all around great choice.  One of our favorite things about natural skincare is the unique opportunity to learn about what different natural ingredients can do for your skin. Our Beauty Experts talk about the benefits of natural skincare, their favorite natural ingredients and tips on how to start your natural beauty education. 

Thomas - Beauty Expert Tip

"I try to live as natural and organic a lifestyle as possible. For me, that starts with diet and continues into my skincare routine. I tend to gravitate towards brands that use natural ingredients to preserve their products. One of my favorites is Odacité, they have a natural based single ingredient focused serum for every skin concern. But, there are so many great brands and products out there using a huge variety of impactful natural ingredients. Start by checking what preservatives are in products and the first few ingredients." - Thomas


PAPAYA SEED OIL - HyperpigmintationSEA SALT - Natural Scalp TreatmentRESVERATROL - Natural MoisturizerCOCOA EXTRACT - Natural Body Exfoliator


RANDY - Beauty Expert Tip"I love natural brands because they have clean ingredients free of chemicals. They focus on using pure and powerful natural ingredients to address skin concerns while staying fragrance free, gluten free, parapen and phthalate free. Some of my favorite brands are M-61 and Chantecaille. Both use powerful natural ingredients in their skincare products to produce results. Aloe and Coconut Oil are great for deep hydration and to soothe the skin. Jasmine and rose are also effective skin soothers and can even help clients with eczema and other skin conditions.” - Randy


 Coconut Oil - Soothing and Hydrating Body ButterALOE - Soothing Face CreamROSE - Soothing Face OilJasmine - Soothing Face Mak


Alice - Beauty Expert Tip

"Natural beauty uses a more gentle touch on the skin. These products use healthy natural ingredients that are much less likely to cause a bad reaction on your skin. I recommend adding one new natural product to your routine and see how your skin reacts. Natural brands are great for people who have more sensitive skin or are just cautious about what they are putting on. Coconut oil, aloe and green tea are all powerful naturals that work well for all skin types.” - Alice


Green Tea - Face CreamCoconut Oil- Moisturizing CreamALOE - Face MistJojoba Oil - Moisturizer


CAROL - Beauty Expert Tip

“I’m an advocate for eating clean and living an organic lifestyle, and I'm very aware of what I put in my body and on my face. This is why I love natural skincare products that are parapen-free, phthalates-free and triclosan-free products.  The earlier you start with natural skincare the better. They are great preventative products and women can avoid the long term effects of harmful chemicals in skincare products. Look for the EWG stamp on products to ensure that you avoiding harsh chemicals.” - Carol 


GLYCOLIC ACID - MaskTamarind - MoisturizerSEAWEED - CleanserShea Butter - Moisturizer