How To Get No-Heat Beach Waves

beach waves

If there’s one no-fuss hair style we absolutely love for spring and summer, it’s beach waves. You don’t have to be at the beach to get them, and you don’t even need a blow-dryer. Here's how to get gorgeous no-heat beach waves in three easy steps: 

1. Wash & Braid Your Hair the Night Before

Yes, this look requires some pre-bed planning, but the extra time you’ll save in morning is worth its weight in gold. Start by washing your hair (skip the in-shower conditioner). Use a shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair (we're loving this new Bumble and bumble Cleansing Oil-Creme Duo). Next towel dry your hair and braid it while its slightly damp into a single loose braid. Then fall asleep and let your braid work its magic.

2. Shake Out Your Braid in the Morning

coffee wake up
Here’s where the time saving comes into play: You don’t need a blow-dryer, waver or any heat tool at all in the morning. Simply undo your braid, shake it out and let it air dry if it’s still a tad damp—when that’s the case, we recommend picking out your outfit and starting on your makeup before coming back to your waves.

3. Twist & Tousle

To add further definition and get the perfect beachy texture, twist 1-inch sections of hair and spritz on a salt or wave spray. Gently let the twist loose and tousle your beach waves for extra body and movement. Try Bumble and bumble's best-selling Surf Spray Beach Waves or R+Co's new Sail Soft Wave Spray to get this look!