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Perfect Pairs: Find Your Perfect Match

With delightful aromas, exquisite flavors and stunning colors, wine is the embodiment of nature's capabilities. No matter the time of year or day, these wine-inspired beauty items are guaranteed to make a splash! From Riesling's soft sparkling tones to a rich ruby Merlot, you're sure to achieve buzz-worthy beauty.


Luscious, aromatic and flowery aromas make the perfect pairing for these light-weight formulas and subtle tones. Shimmering peachy lips and an iridescent highlighter will let your beauty shine through for a flawless, natural look.


Light and crisp with a glimmer of gold, a perfect match for the girl who wants to harness the warm and brilliant tones of the glowing sun. Brush or glide on light-illuminating radiance for your most lustrous look.

Grenache Rosé

This flavorful red grape has an impeccable balance of color, a classic medium-pink. A subtle spice note makes it the ideal match for flirty, warmer tones.

White Zinfandel

This pink rosé is lovely in a delicate pink and pairs well with soft pearl-toned formulas for a smooth finish.

Pinot Noir

Known for its broad range of flavors and intoxicating aroma of black cherry and currant, this remarkable vintage couples perfectly with bold ruby-toned beauty.


Its full-bodied flavor, rich and dark color and sweet, spicy yet earthy aroma make Merlot the perfect match for bold, versatile products that pack a punch.


This complex and plum flavored grape boasts deep, beautiful colors and makes a great match for medium-purple hued beauty. You'll achieve the ultimate sultry look.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This highly-bendable, full-bodied grape variety boasts deep purple hues that make a dramatic statement. Its blend of red-purple make a wonderful match for a more daring look.


Known as one of Italy's greatest wines, this luscious, floral grape carries a clear, deep-garnet color. Use its stunning shade as inspiration for an effortlessly elegant look.

Pinot Noir Rosé

A vibrant sunset captured in a glass, this grape shines with colors of light copper and burnt orange. Add a bit of sunshine and glimmer to your look with this striking hue.