What Is Natural Beauty?

Natural beauty has simple ingredients that perform at the highest quality. There's no over analyzing when it comes to natural - it's good for you skincare that delivers results. Natural beauty's toxin-free and plant-based formulas are often less irritating for sensitive skin.

I love incorporating naturals into my basic routine. Cleansers, makeup remover, antioxidant protection, body wash, exfoliants - any "staple" cleansing or prep product in your routine can be replaced with something natural to start. You may be hooked to your intensive anti-aging treatments but there are fantastic natural beauty products that can be used to prep your skin before that application. 

I find that the one thing that can make or break natural lines is the scent. Our clients can be turned off by something too earthy smelling and opt for a brand that may not perform as well, yet is more pleasant smelling. People enjoy the sensorial part of their skincare routine just as much as the end result. That's why lines like CaudalieLune + Aster and One Love Organics are fan-favorites when it comes to naturals.

Current Loves

Lune + Aster

Lune+Aster makeup applies beautifully and is simple to master. Great for on-the-go girls who want to look fabulous and know they have good ingredients resting on their skin. It has all the basics to achieve a polished yet natural, radiant makeup look.

One Love Organics

One Love feels luxury, performs beautifully and has pure ingredients. The scent is incredible because this brand influses their products with pineapple and coconut extract which give a heavenly, beachy scent to all their products. It makes every application feel like a vacation getaway.


Caudalie has high quality skincare that delivers long term, optimal results. Each product is power-packed with antioxidants, grape polyphenols and patented brightening ingredients. The product line is gentle enough that for sensitive skin yet super effective.


-Laura Fischer Grillo, Bluemercury Beauty Expert Newtown, NJ