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20 Years of Beauty Celebrate with Chantecaille

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“Alex and Slyvie Chantecaille's passion for creating beautiful and purposeful cosmetics really inspires me. I love collaborating with founders whose philanthropic mission shines through with each gorgeous innovation.”

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Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

20th Anniversary Exclusive Chantecaille Conservation Chic Cheek and Lip Duo

Chantecaille Conservation Chic Cheek and Lip Duo
Limited Edition

“We're so excited to bring you two new and exclusive shades in this set.”

Beauty Expert Picks!

“I love that Chantecaille is focused on protecting and giving back to the environment while providing incredible skincare and makeup."

Kayla, Beauty Expert, SM

Customer Favorites!

“Holy grail eye cream! I was looking for a product that was going to help with dehydration, puffiness, and little lines that were beginning to form around my eyes and also on my forehead. This eye cream has gone above and beyond and helped with everything I was looking for.”

Rachface, Bluemercury Customer, Boston, MA