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20 Years of Beauty Celebrate with Darphin

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“Our collaboration with Darphin continues to bring gentle, yet powerful skincare products to our customers—like the age-defying Stimulskin collection, exclusive to Bluemercury.”

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Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

20th Anniversary Exclusive Darphin 8-Flower Golden Nectar Essential Oil Elixer

Darphin 8-Flower Golden Nectar Essential Oil Elixer

“In honor of our 12-year partnership, Darphin is introducing 8-Flower Golden Nectar Oil. This ultimate youth renewing elixir with its radiant golden shimmer is a perfect celebration for our 20th anniversary.”

Customer Favorites!

“Love this product! My face feels unbelievable after using this cleansing balm and the smell is wonderful. I use this to cleanse my face at night. I really feel like I went to a spa!"

bklynann, Bluemercury Customer

Beauty Expert Picks!

“The Hydraskin Light is my go-to for prepping clients' skin before makeup. It adds a ton of hydration without any tackiness or heavy feeling.”

Jessica Stecker, Beauty Expert, Chicago, Southport