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20 Years of Beauty Celebrate with Lune+Aster

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“I wanted to create a clean vegan and gluten-free makeup line for the do-it-all modern woman seeking straightforward makeup solutions. The result is Lune+Aster, a minimum effort, maximum impact skin-loving makeup line, free from parabens and phthalates.”

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Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

20th Anniversary Exclusive Lune+Aster Limited Edition RealGlow Highlight

Lune+Aster Limited Edition RealGlow Highlight
Limited Edition

“This limited edition RealGlow Highlighter enhances the complexion and boosts luminosity for a gorgeous, radiant glow worth celebrating.”

Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

Best Sellers

“My few can’t-live-without products that allow me to feel flawless, dewy and put together in minutes are all Lune+Aster. Perfect for anyone on the go who appreciates simplicity and effectiveness."

Meghan Stonebrook, Beauty Expert

Customer Favorites

“This. Product. Rocks. The skin tint is a complexion game changer! It’s lightweight, looks natural, and I feel so beautiful when I wear it. For a night out, I use it over the bronzing primer for an unparalleled dewy glow.”

DawnUM06, Bluemercury Customer, Simsbury, CT