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20 Years of Beauty Celebrate with RéVive

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“Dr. Brown, founder of RéVive, has been a great partner since our very beginning. His skincare products are some of the most innovative, and over the years, we've partnered on exclusive events to teach our clients about the best in skin science.”

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Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

20th Anniversary Exclusive Révive Renewal Duet

Révive Renewal Duet
Limited Edition | $215 Value

“Dr. Brown's moisture renewal collection delivers amazing anti-aging results. For our anniversary, we paired two of my personal favorites in this exclusive duet!”

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“Perfect night cream for glowing results! I absolutely love this product. I use it every night and wake up with a refreshed glow. Trust me it's worth the price."

Amy44C, Bluemercury Customer, Phoenixville, PA


“Provides ageless beauty!”

Mary Lou Koch, Beauty Expert, Wayne, PA