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Confident Complexion

Confident Complexion

Love Your Skin

Whether you wear makeup to enhance or conceal, feel empowered to create a routine that complements your unique beauty.

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Confident Complexion Events

Confident Complexion Events

Thursdays–Sundays, February 13–March 1

Join us in store for skin-perfecting products, plus a free personalized consultation, gifts and more.

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Find the best foundation to complement your skin type and coverage needs with a few simple questions.

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  • Sheer

    Blurs slight-imperfections, lets skin shine through

    Coverage: Very light

    Best For: Normal to dry skin

  • Radiant

    A uniform glow, allows skin to shine through

    Coverage: Very light to light

    Best For: Normal to dry skin

  • Dewy

    A soft, youthful glow

    Coverage: Very Light to medium

    Best For: Normal to dry, mature skin

  • Satin

    A middle ground between matte and dewy finish, neither shiny nor flat

    Coverage: Medium

    Best For: Normal skin

  • Semi-matte

    A natural look with a slight glow

    Coverage: Medium to full

    Best For: Oily skin

  • Matte

    Smooth appearance of pores and imperfections, dries flat with no shine

    Coverage: Full

    Best For: Oily skin

  • Sheer

    Smooths skin tone slightly but does not hide skin discoloration or blemishes

  • Light

    Covers unevenness and slight blemishes but freckles show through

  • Medium

    Blurs freckles, imperfections and red marks but does not hide dark spots or scars

  • Full

    Covers everything including birthmarks, freckles, dark spots, hypermigmentation and scars

Test along your jawline to take your natural skin tone into account. The right shade should disappear into your skin. This area also gives you the truest undertone because it's often paler and less tanned than the rest of your face.

Stand near a window or head outside to check your color with natural light.

When in doubt, choose a darker shade and blend thoroughly. You will look a little tan but going too light can be more apparent.

If you don't find the perfect match, add a touch of bronzer to deepen the shade.