Conscious Beauty: Self-Care Routine | bluemercury

Mind. Body. Beauty.

Your Self-Care Routine

Find beauty in daily rituals that encourage a healthy body, inside and out, while calming your mind and restoring your spirit.

A woman lounging in the bath

#1 Relax With a Bath

Unwind by lighting a candle and taking some time for yourself with a calming soak.

A woman drinking a smoothie

#2 A nutrient boost

The right supplements can give a needed boost to your beauty routine. Support the health of your skin, hair and nails as you treat your body from the inside out!

A Woman running

#3 Get Moving!

An active lifestyle supports more than your physical well-being. Getting more active can lift your mood, help you de-stress and make the sleep you get more restorative.

A woman in a sleeping mask in bed

#4 Rest & Recharge

Beauty sleep is real! When we sleep our bodies, skin and mind naturally recharge. Build a beditme routine that helps promote 8 quality hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep.

A woman massaging her foot

#5 Put Your Feet Up

Pampering your feet after a long day will elevate your spirit, too. Deeply exfoliate, smooth rough skin and massage before selecting the perfect nail color.

A woman in a face mask smiling

#6 Treat yourself to an at-home facial

Make time for the ultimate in skin pampering, whether you have five minutes or 30. These products deliver rejuvenating results while the ritual of "me" time lifts your soul.