Gift Card Policy | bluemercury

Bluemercury Gift Card Policies

Gift Card Purchases

We offer two types of Gift Cards: Physical and E-Gift Card.

Both types of Gift Cards are valid methods of payment for all Bluemercury locations including those inside Macy’s. They may be used for all spa services and online.

Bluemercury Gift Cards cannot be used for Macy’s purchases.

Macy’s Gift Cards cannot be used at any Bluemercury location including those inside of Macy’s.

Gift Card Returns

Purchases made on a Gift Card and then returned will be refunded to a new gift Card.

Gift Cards cannot be return or exchanged for cash.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

Your Gift Card should be considered and treated as cash. Lost cards may not be able to be replaced. If your card is lost please contact us by live chat, phone or email and a customer service representative will be able to assist.


An investigation will be conducted for each case to determine eligibility for a replacement Gift Card. We cannot guarantee the recovery of lost funds.

Check Gift Card Balance

You can check your available balance and recent activity here, or call 1-800-355-6000.

Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are NOT Gift Cards.  Promotional codes are offered for a limited time only and do expire.

Promotional codes are governed to laws of local, state, and federal government.

Please contact customer service if you are experiencing any issues.