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Giving Glowing Skin Advice

  • Step 1: Base

    Start with Lune+Aster RealGlow Skin Tint all over to even out your complexion.

    Expert Tip: This works best if you blend with your fingers, especially if you want a dewy, glowing look!

  • Step 2: Undereye

    Apply Lune+Aster RealGlow Undereye Brightener (I'm using Peach) under the eye to help brighten any dark circles.

    Expert Tip: Before blending right away, let it dry for a second for even better coverage!

  • Step 3: Setting

    Use Lune+Aster PowerFinish Translucent Powder to set your base.

    Expert Tip: Only set where needed! We recommend the center of the forehead, under eyes and on your nose and chin.

  • Step 4: Bronze & Glow

    Then, use Lune+Aster RealGlow Creamy Cheek Duo (I'm using Moonrise). Start with the warm tone on the apples of your cheek.
    Highlighter can be placed on the bridge of your nose, "cupid's bow" and outer corners of the brows down to the cheeks.

    Expert Tip: Apply highlighter on your collarbones to complete your glowing look!

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