Danielle photographer + mother



What’s a signature self-care ritual for you?

I really got into gua sha over the last two or three years. This lady in Brooklyn does a really good gua sha. So, I learned how to do it properly from her. Then I started doing it on my partner, and he loves it. When he has an injury, I always do gua sha on his knees or whatever. It works to get the blood flowing. And he's really into it as well, which is nice.

What about a skincare product that’s an essential?

I'm a big fan of oils and things that are really hydrating. I like natural, and I like sea buckthorn, so I try to find oil that contains sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn is just healing and soothing. I pay attention to how my skin responds because it’s very sensitive. I had really bad acne growing up. Even now, my skin will flare up and tell me, “This is good or not good.” So, I just pay attention. And I’ve found my skin responds well to sea buckthorn.

How else do you take care of your skin?
I’m really into exfoliating. New York City is disgusting—it's always dirty. You just feel a film of dirt and pollution on your skin, and you feel it when you scrub it off. Sometimes after you exfoliate, you're like, "That didn't do anything” or “There's a leftover film." Tata Harper Clarifying Mask really helps get the dead skin off. After using it, I can tell that my skin is more hydrated, clear and that the glow comes through. This mask gives your skin a boost without making it shiny because I don't want a greasy face either. I just want to be naturally glowy and dewy.
What’s your ride-or-die product?
Trish McEvoy High Volume Tubular Mascara Jet Black. Because of the shape of my eyes, mascara always falls down and makes me look like a raccoon. I've tried every type of mascara—even waterproof. I'll tell you, tubing formulas just stay on the eyelashes; they don't drop down. Trish McEvoy’s tubular mascara is the best of the tubing ones. The brush is really skinny, and it gets in there and makes lashes look fine, not choppy. I like the butterfly lash effect, but I want it to seem natural at the same time.
How does your family celebrate the holidays?
My current family is new, right? Which is great because we kind of celebrate it the same anyway. It’s about being together, and laughing, and being silly and just fun. Family is your core; the people that are always there for you. It's like your webbing. My family roots are very strong. Iowa's very much at my core. But I've been in New York for almost 20 years now. You grow, and you learn and you meet other people. So, I’ve created a family out here because it’s really lonely if you don't. I have a lot of friends and really incredible people that I definitely call family.
What has becoming a mother taught you?
I always thought I was patient. But I realized being a parent takes even more patience. I was like, "Wow, I thought I was good on that part. But I'm still working on it. Cool." And I'm realizing that my son, who’s 10 months-old, needs to be on a schedule for his own sleep and to helps his growth and development. I'm not really a schedule person. I think being a parent points out your weaknesses, and what you need to work on. Scheduling is definitely one of my weaknesses.
“I always thought I was patient. But I realized being a parent takes even more patience. I was like, ‘Wow, I thought I was good on that part. But I'm still working on it. Cool.’”