Gabrielle Model


What’s your current favorite beauty product?

I’m new to CC cream, and now I’m obsessed. A friend introduced me to it. I’m guilty of not using sunscreen. CC Cream has sunscreen, and it has tint. It’s basically a nice moisturizer that you put all over. And it’s a spot treatment. I'm like, “Where has this been my whole life?” I’m a CC fan, I think, for life.

What do you love about taking care of your skin?

I feel like for what I do, beauty-wise, taking care of my skin is everything. Probably my morning skincare routine is the most important thing I do, to prep myself for shoots and things like that. I’m not the best with toning, but serum-wise, I’m big on that game.

What item do you keep repurchasing?
SkinCeuticals has been my main. I use a bunch of different products from there. Honestly, a lot of the times when I use skincare, I don't really notice a difference, but I feel like those actually even my skintone. I don’t want to have blotchy discoloration, so I think those work.
How do you amp up your look?
If I’m going to dinner or something in the evening, then I’ll always bump up the eyes, bump up the lips, add some blush. I’m not huge on eyeliner, so I'll to do a nice eyeshadow, adding some browns in there and some shimmer.
"I'm new to CC cream, and now I’m obsessed. I'm like, Where has this been my whole life?”
How did you celebrate the reopening of New York City this summer?
Oh my gosh—how did I not celebrate? I was outdoors with friends, just being a part of the city and supporting restaurants by eating in the streets—those sorts of shenanigans. It’s been really fun to reconnect with friends and be outside again.