Ignacio Ignacio

Ignacio Haberdasher


How do you discover new beauty products?

Sampling. When a company offers product samples, it’s like the company is making an investment in their client and saying, “Look, we want you to try it before you purchase it or spend the $20. But we’re sure you’re going to be happy. That’s why we’re giving you this generous sample.” And next thing I know, I’m buying the product! Sampling is a great way to test certain things. Obviously, some products require full-on commitment. But take moisturizer, for example. You can get a good sample of moisturizer, try it out and maybe it works for your skin. It may not. Or you may not like the routine. I always tell people: You have to find a routine that works for your lifestyle. I have two dogs. I go out a lot. I’m always doing stuff and doing it quickly. I need items I can keep in my bag to give myself my own “zhuzhing up,” as they call it.

What’s your most recent beauty purchase?

Hand cream. Now we’re sterilizing our hands constantly and using antiseptics. I found that my hands were continually dry. So I started using hand cream, and it’s great. But it has to be a really good hand cream—not one that’s oily or sticky. Because some, you put them on, and they linger on your hands. Then you leave streaks on everything you touch.

What’s a perfect morning for you?
My ideal morning usually starts around 6:30, 7:00. I take my dogs for a walk. I take care of them first before I take care of me! I mean, I just wash my hands, wash my face. I do wash my face because I’m really self-conscious about the super dry skin around the ridge of my nose. I usually wake up, and I look and say, “Oh my God, I'm dry.” I don't want to go out, as my friends used to call it, ashy. I don’t want to have that little ashiness around my nose. So I’ll put some thick cream on that area. I leave it on because there’s usually no one outside. I look crazy in the morning. I’m walking down the street, I look as though I’m wearing warpaint, but I don’t care. Because when I’m finished walking the dogs and I come back upstairs and take a nice hot steam shower, the cream penetrates my skin. Then it feels really soft, and I’m like, "Looking good there, old dude.”
Where do you find beauty?
I find beauty in everything. One of the good things about having dogs is that you walk a lot. I’ll start in the morning by going to the park, or some days, I just like to walk the streets. I find the most amazing things. I mean, I’ll see plants growing out of some little stump of nothing. There’s beauty everywhere, but it may not be in your face. You have to get out of your comfort zone and look for it. It’s there. It’s definitely there. One day I came across this most amazing rock. I couldn’t believe it. I’m standing there saying, “Am I really looking at this?” It was just sitting there, this beautiful white rock. I like simple things like that. And people—I find people really interesting. I find beauty in all different types of people. I’m a native New Yorker, so observing people is in our DNA.
“There’s beauty everywhere, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and look for it.”